A labeled interconnect board for your electronics prototype

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What is the ProtoSwitchBoard?

Does all your electronics prototypes end up looking like a snake nest? Are you forced to trace each cable to reverse engineer your own prototypes after getting back from a coffee break? The ProtoSwicthBoard is a labeled interconnect for your project designed to make your experimental prototypes as easy to follow as your circuit diagram!

It is especially suited for projects utilizing some kind of bus (i2c, spi etc) where multiple units share connections. Below is a picture of an experimental setup with an ADF signal generator hooked up to an arduino over spi, and a logic analyzer to debug the protocol. It is using an early prototype of the ProtoSwitchBoard:




The labels on the ProtoSwitchBoard are written on ordinary paper placed inside the device. The paper size is the standard one used for business cards (3.5” x 2”), which means that you can order it, with or without pre-printed labels, from any online bussiness card printing service. You can of course also just cut some ordinary paper to size with a pair of cissors!

Where can I get one

Our KickStarter Campaign (ended!)

How can I make one?

Head over to github and download the design sketches and production guides. Also check out the series of videos about designing the PSB and the board on our YouTube channel. Making your own requires a 3d printer and intermediate soldering skills.

Example project


Creative Commons License
ProtoSwitchBoard by Innovation Garage AS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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So hack away at our design and make it better! Just remember that if you publish any derivative designs they need to use the same license! Sharing is caring!

For details, see LICENSE.txt

Feature requests

Please send us any cool extension ideas or change requests as github issues! We’d love to hear your feedback!