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Open Source projects @ Innovation garage AS

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Completed projects


Does all your electronics prototypes end up looking like a snake nest? ProtoSwitchBoard is a labeled interconnect for your project designed to make your experimental prototypes as easy to follow as your circuit diagram!


TFPrism is a library that transforms your tensorflow graph to automatically do data parallelism for training. All you need to do to modify your single-cpu tensorflow code to run on a cluster is to send your training op and feed_dict through the library.


A semi-automatic video labeling tool. Label-V uses the multi-tracking algorithm in OpenCV to generate training data for your computer vision project.


Firefox scramble plugin for scrambing web pages. Nice to use for scrambling dashboards, monitoring data etc. where you don’t want to accidentally leak customer or other private data.


SakStig is an object query and templating library any python object that supports the dict or list interfaces. The query language is compatible with the objectpath query language.

Prototypes / alpha versions


Gributils is a set of utilities on top of pygrib for manipulating and indexing a large (historical) set of gribfiles.


Documentation of, and a set of extensions on top of OpenWRT, OpenWISP and OpenVPN to implement network-to-docker-container-to-network routed vpn that supports both end-points being behind NAT and DHCP.


ElkProxy is a highly configurable proxy server that sits in front of an Elastic Search server and filters/rewrites searches, document downloads, uploads, and updates.

Price Tag Reader

Project to read supermarket price tags from photos to increase price transparency in the food market.


Write your email address on a white-board/table top at the end of a meeting to have a snapshot of the board sent to your inbox.