Garage CloudberryVPN

Garage CloudberryVPN links your on-board business network to your onshore office network, making file-sharing, remote management, etc. work seamlessly. It does this across carriers and without any major modification to your network setup either on land or on the ship.

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Take this prototype for a test drive!

Garage CloudberryVPN

About test driving

  • All test driving is done on your own risk. There are no warranties, not even for fitness for purpose.
  • We can not make any guarantees what so ever that the prototype will even actually work... After all, it is a prototype, not a product
  • That said, we will do everything we can to make sure the prototypes do not affect your other systems negatively in any way
  • Our normal support contracts and response guarantees do not cover prototypes under test driving.
  • However our developers will be very interested in solving & figuring any problems with the prototype and will communicate directly with your staff.