Garage DrowningWarning

The drowning warning system will be able to detect excessive pitch and roll of a smaller fishing vessel and warn on shore personnel.

The drowning warning prototype is a box that measures and records acceleration and rotation/tilting. This allow us to build up a picture of how the boat has behaved in the sea over time and compare this with weather data for the area and time.

We have so far had the prototype installed on two vessels of a single sport fishing camp, Maribell, over a period of a few days, capturing two separate fishing trips.

The data

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Raw accelleration data

Frequencies of roll/pitch vs position (latitude)

Accelleration at different positions

Weather data to be combined with box data

Our vision / long term goal

We would like to build a dashboard to be used on shore that shows the status of the boats that are out, and that issues warnings for the bloats that are experiencing too rough weather conditions.

What you can do to help us

To achieve this, we will need to build up a model of how boats of different designs and sizes behave in different weather conditions and situations. To do that, we need your help!

What we need help with is collecting data from your boats during normal operation by installing our prototype box on them, recharging the battery, and copying data from the SD-card of the box.

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Take this prototype for a test drive!

Garage DrowningWarning

About test driving

  • All test driving is done on your own risk. There are no warranties, not even for fitness for purpose.
  • We can not make any guarantees what so ever that the prototype will even actually work... After all, it is a prototype, not a product
  • That said, we will do everything we can to make sure the prototypes do not affect your other systems negatively in any way
  • Our normal support contracts and response guarantees do not cover prototypes under test driving.
  • However our developers will be very interested in solving & figuring any problems with the prototype and will communicate directly with your staff.