Are you an early adopter?

The Innovation Garage builds early product prototypes, some of which might turn into Dualog products in the future. To validate both our ideas and implementations, we need testers. Are you quick to adopt new technologies into your business?
- Then our early adopters’ program is for you!

What we offer

  • New prototypes for testing
  • We will make sure the prototypes do not affect your other systems negatively in any way
  • Our developers will be very interested in solving & figuring any problems with the prototype and will communicate directly with your staff
  • We cannot make any guarantees that the prototypes will deliver any immediate value to you – or event that it will work...
    After all, it is a prototype, not a product
  • However, being an early adopter gives you the unique opportunity to influence or even define the future of new products and/or services

Enter the garage